Teach the world and earn money with your expertise

Would you like to see more students in your classes? Sparklingo is a social platform based on education where you can assist lots of students hungry for knowledge and earn great money teaching while building your own brand. Simply use your email address to sign up to get an invitation when Sparklingo is launched!


Inspire and motivate

Show your knowledge to the world, encourage your learners, and be proud since you are educating the talents of the future.


Successful career

Create your own, ideal presence and marketing concept to attract the most possible visitors with your expertise.


Increase your income

We constantly equip you with all the tools you need to earn great money in teaching and improve your prestige.

What services can help my work?


Potential students

Priority notifications will be sent when a student intends to learn your subject.


Email marketing

We drive students to your classes through email marketing.


Content marketing

Reach a relevant audience via publication and more people get to know your classes.



Behaviour analyses will help you make the right decisions in your career.



You can easily stand out through positive feedback sent in by your students.



All the events and tasks, in connection with your job, are in one place.

What is our mission?

We believe that knowledge is a human value which is able to change this world to make it a better place. Our mission is to spark the passion in people to know more, help them reach their goals, and strengthen the ’Do More, Be better’ attitude in them.

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